In 2015, Barbara completed a 3-year Graduate programme and received a Professional Certificate in Sustainability from Harvard University.

She has received a Certificate from the Royal College of Arts (RCA) in London, UK, in Disruptive Market Innovation in 2017, and has also received a certificate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MA, USA in Innovation and Technology in 2018.

Barbara is a patent holder for 2 of her sustainable product designs. A Portable Ergonomic Laptop Table (PELT) in HK (HK1207791) and China (ZL201520869631.7) in 2016, and a sustainable 2-way container product design in 2017 in China (20170583822.6).

Inspired by the concept of Lifelong Kindergarten, pioneered by Mitchel Resnick of MIT, and that of ‘Play, Passion, Project’, advocated by M. Resnick and Tony Wagner of Harvard University, she has founded YirLab (Youth Innovation and Research Lab) in 2017. YirLab is a non-profit organization in HK, established to (1) support HK Youth (age 11-17) in their process of exploring and discovering their passion, and (2) to inspire and encourage them to become innovators by following through with their respective lifelong passion projects. She believes creativity and an innovative spirit hold the key to a better and sustainable future for our next generation, and desires to do her part, even if only one at a time, to contribute to this effort. Please visit us at for more information.
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