In 2020, Barbara and her partner Jai Rane, launched their podcast The Wiggly Path. The conversations are premised upon the idea that life is not a 45-degree line with 'success' as the ultimate revelations. The Wiggly Path hopes to take inspiration from the ups AND downs of our guests' life journeys. By compiling and sharing the little epiphanies we gain in each episode, we hope to provide a source of comfort, hope and inspiration for everybody on their own wiggly paths, especially those underserved in society.

Barbara serves as a CASA in the state of New Hampshire, US since October 2019. CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers serve as advocates for abused and neglected children in the state of New Hampshire, USA. She works on individual cases and gives a voice to the abused and/or neglected child/children in her reports and at court hearings.

In 2011, Barbara designed a free-for-all Apple iPad application, Little Scholar, for users to learn conversions between simplified and traditional Chinese characters through games. The app helps to promote the recognition of 500 of the most commonly used, and non-similar, simplified and traditional Chinese characters and to make the learning of Chinese characters fun and enjoyable for natives and non-natives alike. To try your hands on the app, look up Little Scholar on your iPad!

She has held a TEDx Talk in HK, TEDxTurtleCove, an independently organized TED event, in 2017, titled ‘Who are you, Really?”, a philanthropic endeavor to serve ‘chicken soup’ to her community. The Talk invited the audience to think about some life questions including, How do we ensure what we do is aligned to our true north? Has it even turned south without us noticing? Are we still in touch with our moral compass in our pursuit of a joyful and purposeful life? For more information, find ‘TEDxTurtleCove’ online at to view the three inspiring speakers’ TEDx talks.

Barbara is a Volunteer Leader at Holistic S.Y. in HK. Holistic is a charity foundation that serves the elderlies in the HK community. To learn more about the mission and works of Holistic, please visit their website Donations are most welcome. Holistic S.Y.

Barbara became an Accredited Mediator in January 2002, and in her free time, conducts pro bono mediation sessions for local underprivileged family members with matrimonial disputes, to help them reach an accord. For more information about how to become an accredited mediator, visit Accord Group

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