Barbara Shaw is an Asian hedge fund manager, an innovator and a sustainability champion.

She has established her career in the financial industry, specializing in Asia ex-Japan equities and global asset allocation strategies.

Beginning as an Equity Analyst, she became an Investment Advisor with Coutts Bank Investment Division, and later joined the discretionary asset management division of AXA Investment Managers, ending as the Head of Asia Investment in 1999, managing an investment portfolio of over US$5bn and a team of 16 Analysts and Fund Managers.

During her time with the French insurer, AXA Investments Managers, she received 5 first place Standard & Poor (S&P) Micropal Fund Management performance awards, including (1) the Greater China Fund for 3-year performance, (2) the Taiwan Fund for 3-year performance, (3) the HK & China growth Fund 3-year performance, and (4) the NM Pacific Fund for 3-year and 5-year performance.

In 2004, Barbara started her hedge fund business named AXIX Asia Ltd., with her partner, A. Kuet, previously a small cap Equity Analyst. Their pre-IPO private equity fund was successfully launched and exited with 50% nett return, followed by a small-cap absolute return fund that generated 66% nett return. Morgan Stanley was the prime broker. In 2010, she bought out her partner and renamed the firm Imperial Capital Ltd. and launched her third and final investment product in 2011.

The Imperial Asia Absolute Fund investment strategy was premised upon the Franchise investment theme that echoed ex-Morgan Stanley UK CIO, Mr. Dominique Caldecott and Mr. Warren Buffett’s ‘castle & moat’ investment strategies. Following an initial successful investment performance, her product attracted high quality capital from a number of family offices and super high net-worth private investors, including the Pennsylvania based Heinz Family Office, after her investment process passed the rigorous screening and due diligence by the Boston based Cambridge Associates. She eliminated the inexplicable so-called ‘black box’ in the process with her proprietary investment process, that each of her investment analysts had to adhere to in the equity research processes.

In spite of a superior 5-year investment performance track record of registering over 50% returns and ranked in the zero-percentile at one time, Barbara decided to stop active stock pick investment activities and close the product, following the passing of her father in 2016, and redefine her life goals to focus on health and her teenager son. The Imperial Asia Absolute Fund was closed on December 31, 2016. She remains in close touch with a number of her analysts and particularly the COO of her firm, Mr. T Li, to date. She feels her track record would not be possible without standing on their shoulders, especially during turbulent market environment.

Barbara received a bachelor’s degree in Economics from The University of Chicago, and furthered her studies at the Graduate level in Sustainability and Innovation while she was running her hedge fund.

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